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22.03.2010 //

New course: Fumigate

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We´ve a special surprise for all of you: Dr. Kristin Petes will visit our spaces and inform you about the old fumigate tradition. After the workshop of Dr. Benagen Denter, it´s a pleasure for us that her personal mentor will join us.

You´ll be informed about the roots of fumigation and you´ll get to know a lot about the way our ancestors used this method.
Besides, you´ll get to know a lot about fumigate-plants and Dr. Petes will send you on a relaxed journey through your thoughts. She will also tell you how to fumigate your rooms!

1) Warm-up: Dr. Kristin Petes talks about herself and her spiritual path and she wants to get to know all of you and your expectations. Then she will tell you about the goals of this course.
2) Short introduction with visualistics and books about fumigation.
3) Prepare the fumigation: Fumigate-plants with all of your sins! Learn everything about the utensils and terms.
4) Fumigate journey through your thoughts
5) Lunch
6) How to fumigate your room.
7) Open round, you can ask her everything that you want to know about fumigation.

Please send a message to 5785246 if you would like to join this course.


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