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22.03.2010 //

To our new follower - Column # 46

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Dear friends of QT, in the last few weeks we got a bunch of new friends. You joined us because you wanted to have time, time that no one else can give you. You wanted to have a safety in your life that also includes safety from yourself. We´re an open community and everyone can join us. Every ruined soul and every bad heart. Things are not always easy and not always sunny. We know that! But we´ll help you to build an inner light, a spot that lets you shine from the inside to the outside. One thing that you have to do is leave and let go. Let go your bad thoughts, start thinking about the good things in life. Stop making someone else responsible for your own luck and your own problems. YOU ARE YOU! And you have to start getting happy. We can help you to get happy with our rules and our workshops. Nevertheless we can´t make you happy if you don´t want us to help you, because it´s your choice. It´s your life and you´re inner soul. We can only show you the right way, but you have to follow it. Most of you’ve already stayed with us for a little while, others are new in our fellowship. It might not be easy for our new friends of QT to start living without timetroubles. A good piece of advice is not to think about neglected chances! You had a lot of decisions and choices in your life but without them you wouldn´t be here. No other crossing in your life would have brought you into our fellowship. And we´re sure it was the right way, it also seems like your life is hopeless right now. But it´s not. We´re no time-slaves, we´re free souls on the best way with god. When we look at the world and its daily routine, it´s obvious why god sends us a prophet, a light through whom he reveals himself. You recognize that we are in the midst of a mighty turning point of life on earth, a time of radical change that has never existed before in the history of mankind. We are experiencing the beginning of what is pictorially expressed in the Bible. And we´ll welcome him with open arms because we´ll know more about his new shining and we´ll know how to show him that we´re free and opened from inside out. You don´t have to worry that you get hurt. Love your life - we´ll see each other on the next interval’s day!


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