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22.03.2010 //

RFID-chips are increasingly used

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Dear friends of QT, RFID-chips (radio frequence identification-chips) are increasingly used for products and for an easier handling of the logistics. Passive chips can be read over 200 meters with reading devices, active chips can be read by GPS systems around the world over satellites. For example in a few prisons the prisoners already have to wear ankle monitors! Due to the increased use of this RFID-chip the ”transparent citizen“ is rapidly gaining ground. Often the scientists get asked ”when the transparent citizen will come, and where“? But he is already there! Big concerns plan to implant such chips e.g. on trousers, if they did that, they would always know where you are and what shops you prefer. They could make detailed statistics of your life. You couldn´t even go to the toilet without the little spy. Shops think about replacing the barcode with the RFID-chips next year. That would mean that all clothes that we buy would have those little chips inside.

Dogs already get chip implants but that doesn´t seem to be the end of this new method. They want more, they want us. They want to implant every human being an RFID-chip under their skin and those who don´t allow that implantation will be treated like terrorists. They want to control us, they want to know every step of our lives. This would mean that only people with a chip are totally integrated in the society.

Wouldn´t that provoke a genocide? It´s our aim, our task to stop that. There are petitions for a referendum that you can sign that request the government to get a new law stating that there will never be an RFID system that forces us to get such chips under our skins! Every one of us should go to the town hall and sign the petition.

We are free persons, we have a free will and a free life, we don´t want to be controlled by crazy concerns who are greedy for money.


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