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22.03.2010 //

Discover a hidden treasure

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Have you ever found a hidden treasure in an unlikely place? That happened to our security guard 056787 when he kept a wary eye on a new QT-friend while he was smoking in the storeroom. By the way – smoking is not allowed in the corridors and absolutely not in the storeroom, please accept that.

Non-Smokers shouldn´t have to inhale bad charma while they walk around the floors. 056787 observed the storeroom very exactly because he was very fascinated when he realised that it looks like there is a face in the plate. When he touched the plate, he realised that there was a message jammed behind. A tiny paper written in unknown letters for him, that´s why he came to our headquarters, where we found out that it was Russian. We´re very excited to show this letter to you:

In the history of QT-friends we only knew one Russian. A very wise old man who didn´t talk very much because he didn´t speak English very well. He passed away very soon, that´s why we never found out very much about his life. He was very handsome and attended a lot of workshops. We guess that our wise Russian friend left us this message, which tells us that we shouldn´t remove this plate because it would bring bad charma. He saw the light and he knew that it was time to pass away, because he never got over the death of his family. One of our older friends mentioned that our Russian friend’s family had a car accident, a drunk driver crashed into their car. He was on a fate of revenge before he found out about QT. In the message you can read that being with us was the most important time since his family passed away. But the anger would have never gone away, that´s why it was time to pass away. But he wishes our community a good future. He knows that the QT friends will help a lot of other persons to get over similar blows of fate but he was too old to fight against his inner ghosts. We´re very proud that this wise guy wrote those words about our fellowship, that´s why we shared this moment of past with you.


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